BET Has A New Senior Director Publicity and Communications, Aaron Bastian

BET Has A New Senior Director Publicity and Communications, Aaron Bastian

Introducing The New Senior Director Publicity and Communications of BET, Aaron Bastian

Aaron is a communications manager by title, but a storyteller by heart. 

Branding excites him so much so, that he earned an Executive MBA and gained rare experience with rebranding projects for the Ford Foundation’s mission to tackle inequality, and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' push for increased diversity.

He believe in diversity that includes gender, race, age, religious practices and sexual orientation and learned that in his work, he’ll always be helping people and excited to do that in a new setting.

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Aaron recently posted in his LinkedIn Account:

"It’s been quite a ride these past few weeks, but I’m excited to share my new role - Senior Director Publicity and Communications at BET (BET Networks, a subsidiary of ViacomCBS Inc.)!

And with that comes more important news - Our Summer Series and Film Slate including the long-awaited “Martin” reunion!"

Follow Aaron Bastian on Instagram: @sir_bas_tian, Twitter: @AaronCBastian, and LinkedIn: Aaron Bastian, MBA

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