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Spring has arrived, which means it’s time to start going out twice as often wearing all your best and breeziest clothes. Here to help you navigate this season’s wildly experimental style waters are...stylists.

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To bring her vision to life, Solange tapped stylists Jessica Willis (who dressed her for the "Almeda" video) and Mecca James-Williams (who outfitted the cast for the entire video).

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In The Hollywood Reporter's ninth annual ranking, the town's top tastemakers create showstopping looks for A-listers — such as Regina King, Idris Elba, Mahershalia Ali and more — and land Oscar commercials and fashion deals, often while making statements about inclusion.

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​ This is what happens when you call the Fashion editor of LA Times for 5 months in a row asking him to highlight the work of a Stylist of colo @adesamuel. #adesamuel. #lifeofaworkingjournalist. I didn't write the article but I can take credit for making sure that it was done. thanks Marques Harper for always answering the phone and for giving me my FIRST LA Times feature this month (coming soon). And Brett Decker of the @OnlyAgency. Today was a good day.

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“I don’t look like the average stylist. I’m a Detroit guy all the way through. I’m a man, I’m straight and I’m a big dude. When I walk in, people pay attention.”

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