Thuso Mbedu Graces W Magazine's Pop Issue Cover

Thuso Mbedu Graces W Magazine's Pop Issue Cover

Introducing the Cover Star of W Magazine's Pop Issue, Thuso Mbedu


Mbedu was not nominated for an Emmy is the sort of omission that awards show prognosticators call a snub, and critics observe as proof of the limits of the Emmys. The actor herself, however, has her eyes on a completely different kind of prize: “If I’m learning about all of this, then everyone who watches—and I know I have a lot of people from South Africa supporting me—will also be learning these things.”



Mbedu is currently training her body in ways that are unfamiliar even to this young wizard of physical acting: She’s getting a head start on weapons training and martial arts choreography.



 Read the full story on W Magazine's Pop Issue.



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