AFAR Magazine is Seeking an Editorial Director. You should apply!

AFAR Magazine is Seeking an Editorial Director. You should apply!

The Editorial Director brings new writers to the pages of AFAR, develops and generates distinctive story ideas, and manages a team that assigns and edits ambitious, thought-provoking travel stories.

In this new role, AFAR is looking for a dynamic, inspiring leader who can bring a fresh, future-oriented perspective to AFAR and travel journalism. The Editorial Director plays a key leadership role in creating, directing, holding, and executing the editorial vision of AFAR magazine. The Editorial Director edits the print magazine to high standards of quality and excellence and contributes to brand growth by shaping editorial strategies to ensure relevance to the advertising marketplace, and to attract next-generation readers.

Afar is published by Pro Circ/Afar, currently publishes a printed issue 6 times annually.

This role works with stakeholders to develop emerging content platforms outside of print, including but not limited to video, audio, live events, depending on experience.

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Job Duties
With the Editor in Chief, sets the editorial and strategic vision for the magazine
Plans issues, editorial calendars, and yearly production schedule
Manages issue planning and story development meetings
Collaborates with the Editor in Chief and Creative Director on the overall design of each issue, including the cover
Manages and motivates editorial staff
Cultivates relationships with a diverse and global array of freelance writers and other contributors to the magazine
Directs and manages writers in the development of story ideas for both features and departments
Develops concepts for, assigns, edits, and works with the creative team on features and departments
Top-edits longform stories for print and web
Contributes ideas and expertise to other AFAR brand platforms, including and social channels
Represents the AFAR brand through public appearances and speaking engagements
Collaborates with audience development, digital, and sales and marketing teams to ideate on incoming RFPs
Attends selected press events, openings, and trade shows on AFAR’s behalf
Represents the editorial vision of the brand to internal and external contacts including advertisers, public relations and media contacts
Ensures brand cohesiveness and collaboration across platforms—in collaboration with digital leadership
The Editorial Director should be a highly productive editorial manager with experience in print publishing. Live events and audio/podcast experience a bonus.
A strong writing voice and POV
A growth mindset oriented towards experimentation and testing, measuring, and improving
An excellent editor capable of bringing out the best in both writers and editors
Excellent presentation skills and the ability to be an effective and persuasive spokesperson
An orientation towards high-value professional journalism
Strong managerial and leadership skills and work ethic are required. The Editorial Director must be a hands-on coach and manager to the editorial staff, willing and able to push the team to be more aggressive in story development, reporting, packaging, and editing
Excellent organizational and time management skills. Must be detail-oriented
Excellent interpersonal, communication, and presentation skills, including aptitude for broadcast appearances
Excellent editorial, visual, and creative skills, with deep knowledge of the magazine process
Strong ability to find and cultivate creative talent; to delegate effectively; to create a supportive, inclusive environment; and to effect change
Must be passionate about travel
Must be highly passionate, accountable, collaborative, and entrepreneurial
Minimum eight years of experience in print publishing, including at least three years of experience as a senior editorial leader and manager
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