Stylists Profiles

TV Show: Blackish

Michelle Cole, the costume designer of sitcom, Blackish. An adored TV family who has a balanced lifestyle.  Watch

TV Show: The Mindy Project

Salvador Perez, the costume designer behind the Mindy Project's well-dressed example of a woman who didn't have it all together.  Watch

Movie: Marvel's Black Panther

 Ruth Carter, is costume designer for the legendary superhero Marvel Comic's Black Panther and Coming to America 2.  Update

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Luxury Fashion Brands We Support

Mombasa is a luxury jewelry brand of accessories that use natural gemstones, Lalibela crosses, leather, horns and other organic materials that give our design its unique beauty and character.

Christopher Coy Collection a wildly creative footwear designer with iconic dual heels providing comfort and stability for the fashion forward woman.

Bluebella Fashion-led luxurious lingerie and nightwear collections made with the highest quality at an affordable price.

Equihua is a ready to wear luxury lifestyle brand made with love out of Los Angeles.

Conrad Booker a new luxury accessory line from architect, featuring bold shapes, beautiful finishing, smart details and incorporation of unexpected materials  

Terese Sydonna a contemporary ready-to-wear and accessories brand designed for the superhero in all of us.  

Mo's Bows a Memphis-based and family run business of colorful, handmade ties.

Print All Over Me Print All Over Me is a creative community of people turning virtual ideas into real world objects.

Burkinabae an accessories brand based in Los Angeles who believe that personal style is the first thing to stand out when we encounter each other.