FAQs / Fees & Contract

Q: What can the Stylist Suite do for my collection?

A: The Stylist Suite introduces your collection to fashion influencers of color, who may or may not, use a piece or several pieces from your fashion line for their celebrity client/s, or on their TV Show, or in an Instagram post. We take care of the transaction, send the product, retrieve the product after it is used, record the placement and send you a weekly report.

Q: How can I add my brand to the Stylist Suite?

A: Click on the "Submit My Line" link and fill out the paperwork including vibrant images of your designs and/or brand products. Someone from our team will respond within 48 hours.

Q: Are you a PR Company?

A: The Stylist Suite is a Digital Showroom with partnerships and access in Media, TV Productions Celebrities and much more. We provide a service that put PR companies out of business.

Q: How many samples are we required to submit?
A: 6 - pieces will be selected from your collection of available designs but you may switch out pieces every 2 months.

Q: What happens to our samples at the end of our contract?
A: All samples will be returned to you at the end of the 6-months with an option to renew.

Q: Who pays for the shipping of our samples?
A: You are responsible for shipping the pieces to and from our showroom in Los Angeles. You can send through postal services or others as 'Samples with no commercial value'.

Fees & Contract

Q: Do you charge a Fee? What does the fee cover?
A: We ask that every designer that we choose to bring into the Stylist Suite, participate financially, the amount of $600 for the first 3-month collaboration. (No Hidden fees). The fee (equivalent of $200/month)  goes mostly for your dry cleaning, upkeep and repairs, as well as, a team of coordinators who compile and send you all your results.

Q: What forms of payment do you take?
A: Credit cards and Paypal. A one time payment of $200 is required at the beginning of our agreement.

Q: Can I see a contract?
A: You can see a copy of our contract for your review HERE.

Q: Who do I contact for updates, suggestions, revisions to Stylists Suite website?
A: Contact Darralynn Hutson