FAQs / Fees & Contract

Q: How Can The Stylists Suite Help Me?

A: The Stylists Suite introduces you first and foremost to a collection to editorial writers and editors, who may or may not, use your story in their articles, on their TV Show, or in an Instagram post. We take care of the story to make sure that we reach the right story to the right collection of media outlets; Our services are simple, we create a target list of media outlets; we make the introduction, share the product, retrieve feedback, record the placement and send you a weekly report.

Q: How can I add my company to the list of Stylists Suite' clients?

A: Click on the "Submit My Company" link and fill out the paperwork including vibrant images of your logos and/or product photos. Someone from our team will respond within 48 hours.

Q: Are you a PR Company?

A: Darralynn Hutson is both a Journalist and Publicist with partnerships and access in Media, Magazines, Podcasts, TV Networks and much more. We provide a service that put PR companies out of business because we are able to write the articles, create the content and share a full story that allows an editor to publish as is comfortably.


Fees & Contract

Q: What is the fee and What does the fee cover?
A: We ask that every company that we choose to represent participate financially, the amount of $600-$1000 for the retainer, depending on your marketing materials. (No Hidden fees). The fee (equivalent of $1500-2500/month)  goes mostly for your media outreach and follow, content creation, articles, pitch emails, social media engagements, as well as, a coordinator who compiles all activity (outreach and responses) and send you all your results weekly during the campaign. Each campaign runs 3-6-12 months.

Q: What forms of payment do you take?
A: Credit cards and Paypal. A one time payment of $600 retainer is required at the beginning of our agreement.

Q: Can I see a contract?
A: You can see a copy of our contract for your review HERE.