About The Stylist Suite

The Stylist Suite is a Digital Magazine celebrating the Most Influential Stylists and Costume Designers of Color on the Globe.  We profile the work of these stylists and costume designers through garnered print placements, an annual photo shoot, red carpet exposure, speaking engagements and social media campaigns.  

I remember the day the concept of The Stylist Suite was born. As with every idea that those days in 2015, it desperately needed feedback from friends and followers. My simple question was this, ”Who Styled…?” Didn’t we want to know?  

It was a picture of Jill Scott looking like Jessica Rabbit; her boobs sitting up high; I wondered what Bra company does She use? I need to call them immediately. My boobs are big as Jill Scotts boobs and she looked damn good. I need to know her stylist.  We know! We’ve been there.

At The Stylist Suite, we’re living it fashionably day by day just like you. We raise children, run businesses, try to keep it together. Being a fashion entrepreneur is definitely one of the most challenging jobs, but it is also the most fun and rewarding jobs, when you don’t feel so alone.

Our mission is simple: We want to bring our Clients and followers the best fashion and styling Stories and Resources in the world. And we never forget about great storytelling! Our blogs and articles on fashion Experts and calendar of fashion and style events is the go-to source of information for fun ways to share your personal style and soak up the expertise of Influencers. 

We also provide our clients with the most in-depth lists of

* Stylists

* Union Costume Designers

* Designers and

* Retail Buyers in America.

 The Stylist Suite began with a vision: To discover Style through expert storytelling.

Each year we produce two special-events designed to provide essential access and current resources for our clients. Our Stylist Suite Editorial event, is a gallery and recognition of 25 of the Most Influencial Stylists and Costume Designers of the Year. And the Style Education Guide provides articles on style education, a video copulation of expert interviews and a how-to on the road to the fashion industry through the eyes of Top Stylists, Designers, Buyers and Costume Designers.


Our website features an extensive and easy-to-search database of fashion expert articles, blogs and style friendly events to do throughout the year – as well as a comprehensive Stylist, Costume Designer and Designer directory. You’ll also be able to read and view each Stylist and Costume Designer interview online in our subscription-only resources for those looking to make direct and strategic alliances with top Style decision-makers.


We take Style seriously. Our editors spend a lot of time searching and researching Stylists and Costume Designers of Color and their activities and expert advice. Each Thursday, our e-newsletter will provide you with our editor’s Top 5 Expert Style Tips.

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