Membership Standards


Our goal here at The Stylists Suite, LLC is to help seasoned storytellers leverage their media and market expertise through access to a curated network of experiences and peer insights revolutionizing the publishing industry.

The Stylists Suite membership experience is designed for those who have mid to senior level publishing leadership responsibility within their organization or owner of their organization. We vet applicants for experience seniority to ensure our members can get support from true peers. We use a range of factors to determine if your experience level meets the criteria for the Stylists Suite community. These include:

  • Titles, the most commonly held titles amongst our members are: Freelance Journalist, Journalist, Publicist, Editor, Sr Editor, Editorial Director and Editor in Chief; we look for an equivalent title within your organization, industry or geography
  • Company size, based on number of full-time employees
  • Reporting structure, maximum 5 levels from CEO (varies with company size)
  • Size of team managed, minimum of 2 full time or contract-employees (varies with company size)
  • Professional journey, encompassing titles, scope, and increasing responsibilities over the course of your career.
  • For employees of extra-small businesses (company size under 10 full-time employees) we welcome applicants whose experience within the last two years meets our membership criteria OR whose current business generated $100k or more in annual revenue, during the last fiscal year. We may request additional information or documentation to assess both current and prior experience. 

Fill out the simple form below to inquire or to provide additional context about receiving an application, or if you have questions please reach out to



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