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  There are very few actors that do it for me and Angela Bassett is one of them. Her swag says it all. The way every garment that she dawns, either in her foyer before the black car comes, or on the red carpet of another award show nomination; just makes me tingle in all the right places. I found out recently that her style has changed over the past few years; she’s now being styled exclusively by Jennifer Austin, a Redondo Beach, self-proclaimed “Cali Girl” who had an epiphany after a brutal car accident. “My pelvis was broken in...

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Mindy Lahiri may constantly shift through her male suitors and motivations in The Mindy Project like there’s no tomorrow, but there’s one source of stability our leading heroine always falls back on: her unique sense of style. Throughout the rom-com’s six-season run, Mindy’s outfits have arguably become the most colorful and vivacious on television, with her character seemingly sporting every color and print under the sun. (Everything except for black, of course.) As we approach the end of the series, Salvador Perez, the show’s Emmy-nominated costume designer, walked us through all of Mindy’s signature looks. Season one, episode two“The outfit...

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Inside “The Mayor” Wardrobe Room By Darralynn Hutson Inside the Wardrobe room on the ABC studio lot where shows like “American Housewife,” “Hip Hop Squares,” and “Big Brother,” are loudly being filmed; there’s a peaceful hum of people at work. Make-shift desks set against hollow walls made for production are covered with sketches, scripts pages, cut out pictures from fashion magazine, buttons, bracelets, adornments and trinkets of blissful sayings that exude a warm work environment. Debbie, the show seamtress’ sewing machine is heard churning out alteration for Lea Michele’s next fitting. Across several high and low racks of clothing; each...

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by FonzFranc Alfonso François for Blavity. Powerful black fashion statements on the influential and relatable HBO series. Since its 2016 inception, HBO's Insecure has garnered a heavy following thanks to its strikingly empathetic script. The eventful lives of characters, like, Issa, Molly, Lawrence and others, have become talking points in our homes, and even on our social media feeds and timelines. We see ourselves, be it entirely or in small ways, reflected throughout the show's juicy scenarios and overall stellar storytelling. Now, after a successful run of its second season, Insecure has been hitting us heavy with content. In addition to providing us with topics on...

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“Hamilton” has hit Los Angeles with a bang, premiering at the Pantages Theatre, Wednesday, August 17 and showing until the end of the year. Based on Ron Chernow’s biography about the founding father, Hamilton’s Hip Hop-themed production quickly became a favorite on Broadway when it opened in 2015, selling out every single show at the Richard Rodgers Theatre in New York City. This year, the touring cast displayed its visual storytelling before major metropolitan city audiences across the United States. At the helm of the vibrant and lavish costumes for Hamilton’s fitting room on Broadway, U.S., and the London tour is...

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