Angela Simmons Graces Cover of Hello Beautiful's Spring Beauty Issue

Angela Simmons Graces Cover of Hello Beautiful's Spring Beauty Issue

Introducing The Cover Star of Hello Beautiful's Spring Beauty Issue, Angela Simmons

The culture was introduced to Angela Simmons in 2005 on her father Rev Run’s MTV series Run’s House. It was the advent of seminal reality TV before the unscripted series would later dominate water-cooler chatter and Black Twitter. Angela starred in Run’s House for four seasons, and later in Daddy’s Girls, another unscripted series with her sister Vanessa where the sisters launched their Pastry sneaker line. It was here Angela arguably helped write the playbook on monetizing reality TV that clans like the Kardashians/Jenners undoubtedly reference and vastly benefit from.

"I came with the name Built Not Bought, which is my baby. I feel like you build your mind, body, and soul. Everyone is always like, ‘Oh, are you telling people don’t get surgery?’ No, that’s not exactly what I’m saying. I’m really just referring to building up who you want to be. Before you go under a knife, before you do any of that, make sure you love yourself because you can keep going and keep going and keep going and still not be happy. It’s about loving yourself where you’re at and then making the changes and being positive about it. I’m about positivity when it comes to that."

 — Angela Simmons

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