AskMen is looking for Pitches!

AskMen is looking for Pitches!

Just for my loyal readers. Just came across my email.


It's (beyond) time for pitches ... I'm looking for June, but also July and August if you have ideas! Please see below for deets:

Grooming Stories (My primary vertical)
Style Stories (My secondary vertical)

We are looking to focus on newer, fresher, service-driven content. Additionally, we are working on updating legacy content, so if you dig through AskMen and find old stories that seem timely now, please include! 

That said, if a story on our site has a good URL or Hed, that's fine, but it will be a complete rewrite, not a simple update. 

Please send pitches by EOD Monday, 5/24 (or sooner if you have them).

Let me know if you have any questions! 

Barret M. Wertz
AskMen Style, Grooming, Lifestyle Editor
Barret Wertz
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m: 917.200.1119

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