Black Leaders at Hearst

Black Leaders at Hearst

At Hearst, we are proud to have Black in positions of power

Harper’s Bazaar's Editor in Chief
Named editor-in-chief of the title in July 2020, Nasr became the first-ever woman of colour to hold the position at the magazine in its 154-year run. Today, the editor believes that innovation and intention are at the core of her work.

Editor at Large at Oprah Daily

Gayle King is the Editor at Large at Oprah Daily and co-host of CBS Mornings. When she's not on air, Gayle is diving into all things news, trending topics, and pop culture. Yet, her favorite job is being the mom to her favorite daughter, Kirby, favorite son, Will, and grandmother, or as she prefers it, Gaia to her favorite grandson Luca.

Cosmopolitan's Beauty Editor at Large

Julee Wilson is Beauty Editor at Large at Cosmopolitan. Previously, Julee was Beauty Director at Cosmo and Global Beauty Director at Essence and has held various editorial positions at Huffington Post and Real Simple. She counts herself lucky AF that she gets to play with beauty products for a living and tell dope stories. And if you’re as obsessed with beauty as she is, make sure to follow her on Instagram for plenty of product recs, natural hair inspo, skincare testing, and Black girl magic shenanigans.

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