Chanel Tyler to Host Black Beauty Founder Roundtable at YouTube's first Beauty Summit on May 14

Chanel Tyler to Host Black Beauty Founder Roundtable at YouTube's first Beauty Summit on May 14

YouTube will hold its first-ever beauty summit on May 14 on

The YouTube Beauty Festival will feature some of the video platform’s biggest stars, including Monét X Change, as well as appearances from celebrities including Pharrell Williams and Paris Hilton. Some of the platform’s most well-known creators — including Jessica Alba.


According to a press release, at the summit, creators will share beauty, wellness and health tips with viewers as well as feature “important conversations about amplifying diversity and equity across the beauty landscape.” The summit comes at an opportune time: Although YouTube is an important platform for beauty influencers — and among the most lucrative — it faces increased competition from TikTok and Instagram for creator and brand attention and dollars.

The festival will be produced in part by Joe Sabia, formerly the senior vice president of creative development at Conde Nast Entertainment, where he helped create YouTube content like the successful “73 Questions” Vogue series. 



Hosted by YouTube’s Head of Fashion and Beauty, Derek Blasberg, the festival is scheduled to include a segment called Pharrell Glow, where three YouTube creators discuss the Humanrace founder’s skincare routine, Ask a Drag Queen with Bob the Drag Queen and Monét X Change, a Black Beauty Founder Roundtable hosted by Youtube's Digital Director YouTube's Head of Beauty Creators Chanel Tyler.

"Simply put I feel beyond blessed and very lucky that I work at a company where no idea is too big an idea, that I work under leaders who encourage me to spread my wings, that I work with a team of people who are absolutely phenomenal and brilliant. To say this has been a labor of love wouldn’t even cover the magnitude of what has gone into creating @youtube’s first EVER Beauty Festival, WE, across all Fashion & Beauty have worked long and hard hours trying to get this to the finish line and we’re still going.

Beauty has been so much more to me than anything on the surface, it’s a true passion that intersects many facets of my life but also allows me to fully lean into what’s really important and that’s the inclusion and equity work, because if there’s one industry there still has a ways to go, it’s this one. The industry has made many strides but it’s still not equal, and guess what? We will be talking about that too! The programming is epic and the talent line-up is absolutely incredible, we POURED into this, creators and celebs included!"



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