CRWN Magazine is looking for dynamic black female writers

CRWN Magazine is looking for dynamic black female writers

CRWN on a mission to be the most beautiful and honest representation of Black women in the history of modern print. To that end, we're working with the best writers in the world to tell OUR story.


If you're an exceptional writer with style and a point of view, we want to hear from you!

Please review our writing guidelines below before submitting your pitch HERE.

We are currently accepting pitches (200-250 words) for our digital platform in the following categories:


Watch: Film, TV, Internet 

Listen: Podcasts, Music, Playlists 

Art: Exhibits, Museums, Interviews

Business: Roundups, Features, Advice

Beauty: Product Reviews, Beauty News, Roundups, How-Tos, Photo Essays

Hair: How-Tos, Roundups, Product News, Photo Essays

Style: Street Style, Fashion Editorials

Travel: City Guides, Photo Essays

Books: Book Reviews, Roundups, Author Features/Interviews

Food: Recipes, Restaurant Reviews

Thought: “Hot Takes,” Personal Essays, Op-Eds

Family: Marriage, Relationships, Sex, Babies 

Health: Wellness, Fitness, Spirituality


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  • Rose Guerrier

    So proud of this amazing work of art and culture displaying US in our crowned glory. Kudos! I would love to be a part of CRWN in any way possible. Give thanks.

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