Freelance AND Gig Opportunities for Writers

Freelance AND Gig Opportunities for Writers

Because Writers like to know that they're not in this alone, give me some feedback on these opportunities that I'm sharing. Are you guys going after these or are you still hesitant on how to pitch?

Here are a few that came across my Twitter feed and email today. One is from a media outlet called Substack and another from TripSavvy whose looking for Travel writers. I love their website. The last was is another gig opportunity at Nieman Lab, a journalism laboratory at Harvard University was sent to me in an email asking me to apply. As always if you need some help pitching, hit me up ~ Darralynn 

Bailey Richardson @baileyelaine, Community at @substackinc "I’m seeking an amazing writer and producer who can think from our audience of writers’ perspective to lead community storytelling at Substack. Do you all know someone who can knock this out if the park? Help!" The salary is between n $90k-$125k!

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