Freelance Opportunities for Freelancers Like Me #0039

Freelance Opportunities for Freelancers Like Me #0039
Complexly @ComplexlyMedia: We're looking for someone with a background in religious studies and/or educational communication to be a Freelance Writer for @TheCrashCourse Comparative Religion. Apply by 5/27 at 
Sifted @Siftedeu: Want to write for us? Here’s how to pitch. How to pitch Sifted as a freelancer ["we focus on the human dimension of entrepreneurialism — how the tough reality of running a startup and building a culture impacts the people working in them. We also take an in-depth look at investment and technology trends, charting which VCs are making money, challenging valuations and unpacking the hottest sectors...We pay around €250 for short pieces and around €300-350 for longer pieces."] 

Bolts @boltsmag: If you have a story pitch that would fit Bolts, we would love to hear from you. Our guide lays out the sort of topics and stories we're interested in, and how to get in touch. Please pitch us! - Bolts ["Bolts is always seeking to work with freelancers to report on critical voting rights and criminal justice stories across the United States...the default rate we offer for a story with original reporting is $800"]

Migrant Women Press @WomenMigrant: Call for pitches! We are delighted to call migrant women to submit #pitches to our first paid commission! What's the impact of #illegalmigrationbill on migrant women? Pitch your ideas for investigations, opinions and more… ["After a pitch has been accepted, an agreed fee of £100 for investigations and £50 to explainers, interviews, features, personal essays and opinion pieces...Deadline to submit your pitch is 29th May."]

Jake Tucker @_JakeTucker [Editor in chief, @TechRadarGaming]: It's a busy summer so we're looking for big meaty reported features and someone to help carry the [reviews] load. Features money varies (but is roughly 14p a word), reviews are usually £200. Email with samples, and if you're working on a cool feature idea, why not pitch it? Please, please, please don't DM - email is the best way to get an actual response out of me. Reviews work is often going to sit with people I've worked with before because it's riskier, and if you're pitching a feature pitch us something we can't already do in-house. [

Jamie Ditaranto @jamieditaranto#callforpitches Ever been to a Muay Thai Boxing camp in Thailand? Did you do it while managing to work remotely as a digital nomad? is looking for stories about the place where Thai boxing meets personal transformation  Pitch me at Rates are $100-$200 depending on story length.

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