Freelance Opportunities For Freelancers Like Me

Freelance Opportunities For Freelancers Like Me

Popular Mechanics' Director of Membership Content Looking For Freelancers

Andrew DanielsPopular Mechanics' Director of Membership Content Posted:
"🚨Very cool + specific #freelance gig alert!

I'm looking for a puzzle master or fanatic to create weekly riddles, math problems, and brain teasers for @PopMech and engage with PM’s brilliant members. Our Puzzle Coach, basically.

Share + reach out: 📩"

TIME for Kids' Senior Editor, Special Projects Looking For Freelance Journalists/Writers

Allison Singer, Senior Editor, Special Projects at TIME for Kids Posted:

"Hi, network! I want names:

I'm looking for freelance journalists/writers for a new website for teens and tweens—particularly those with experience writing for kids, and ideally (though not necessarily) about careers, climate & sustainability, space, sports, or technology. Interested? Let's connect!"

Connect with Allison through LinkedIn. Click Here: Allison Singer

VICE UK's Senior Commissioning Editor's Looking For Freelancers

Ryan Bassil, Senior Commissioning Editor at VICE UK Posted:

"where are all the 18-25 year old music bloggers/content creators at? I'm looking for freelancers who can tiktok + write for noisey/VICE. is this you? please send some examples via DM. crucial: must love music >>>>>>."

Follow and Send DM to Ryan Bassil. Click Here

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Popsugar's Director of Wellness Looking For Freelance Writers

British GQ's New Associate Editor, Culture + Lifestyle Looking For Pitches

Elite Daily's Senior News Editor Looking for Pitches

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