Freelance Opportunities For Freelancers Like Me

Freelance Opportunities For Freelancers Like Me

Parents' Senior Editorial Director Looking For Parents+Writers

Amelia Edelman, Senior Editorial Director at Parents Posted:

"Any parents+writers want to pitch an essay for @parents @KindredParents on why you DON'T celebrate Thanksgiving?"

Cosmopolitan's Associate Sex & Relationships Editor Looking For Pitches

Kayla Kibbe, Associate Sex & Relationships Editor at Cosmopolitan Posted:

"PITCH CALL: Halloween is over which means the horniest time of year (aka hometown hookup season!) is upon us. For Cosmo’s Confessay series, I’d love to hear about your hottest holiday hometown hookup experiences. Pitch your personal essays to me at:"

Parents' Health Editor, Performance Marketing Looking for Home, Travel, Food Writers

April McCormick, Health Editor, Performance Marketing at Parents Posted:

"Looking for HOME, TRAVEL, FOOD writers. MUST have SOLID clips (3+) DDM writers add those clips. EMAIL and Locations needed. Pay: $300 for updates and $500-$700 TK (3500 wds) DM if interested. #journorequests #WritingCommunity"

BuzzFeed News' Tech Desk Editor Looking For Pitches

Mark Yarm, Tech Desk Editor at BuzzFeed News Posted:

"🤖 Hey everybody, now that I'm a month into my new gig as tech desk editor at
@BuzzFeedNews, it's time for a *pitch call*! I'm looking for smart, ambitious, and unexpected tech-related stories: .33/word for essays; .50/word for reported pieces. 🤖"

Insider's Associate Editor Looking For World Series - Level Pitches

Kiera Fields, Associate Editor at Insider Posted:

"Hay batter batter, I want to see some World Series-level pitches in my inbox. Particularly interested in job diaries from warehouse workers, delivery drivers, mega budgeters or couponers, and people who recently quit high-paying jobs and regret it. ping me at"

Daily Mail Online's Reporters Looking For Stories

Olivia Devereux-Evans, Trainee Reporter at Daily Mail Online Posted:

"Always on the look out for US/foreign news stories and potential exclusives. Particularly interested in human interest stuff. #journorequest"

Eleanor Dye, Reporter at Daily Mail Online Posted:

"Looking to put together some features for MailOnline over the next few weeks. Interested to hear real-life stories, human interest, fun facts/figures, anything not time sensitive! Email is in my bio 🗞️📧 #journorequest"

Email Eleanor Dye at

The Daily Dot's Passionfruit and News Reporter Looking For Pitches

Grace Stanley, Passionfruit and News Reporter at The Daily Dot Posted:

"hi everyone! I’m taking ✨ pitches for @passnfrt ✨ you can send to the email listed in my twitter bio. rates start at $250 for think pieces, $300 for interviews, and $450 for reported features. @WritersofColor @studyhallxyz 🧵"

Email Grace Stanley at

REVOLT's Senior Managing Editor Looking For Contributing Editors

Isha Thorpe, Senior Managing Editor of REVOLT Posted:

"I’m looking for a couple more contributing editors who can hop in, write and publish news articles for the REVOLT site when day and evening editors are off. Email resumes and 3-4 published links to Looking for ET and PT people."

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Freelance Opportunities For Freelancers Like Me

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