Freelance Opportunities For Freelancers Like Me

Freelance Opportunities For Freelancers Like Me

Mary Retta, Looking to Speak With Student Journalists For Teen Vogue

"Hi! For @TeenVogue I’d like to speak with student journalists about your experiences covering traumatic news and events on campus such as school shootings, assault, bigotry, etc. Dm me if you’d like to chat and pls share!!"

Angela Chen, Ideas Editor of Wired Posted:

"It's January and I'm looking for more pitches for @wired! Send your cranky critiques, weird ideas, lyrical essays, far-off proposals—rates start at $500, email: #CallForPitches"

Grace Stanley, Creator Economy Reporter and Editor of Passionfruit Posted:

"We're still interested in creator-related pitches on an ongoing basis for @passnfrt! see details ⬇️ @WritersofColor @studyhallxyz

Specifically, we're looking for some great stories centered around Black History Month if anyone has ideas. DM or email me if you're interested!"

Gabriella Geisinger, Deputy Movies Editor of Digital Spy Posted:

"💡🗨️ Hello freelancers, it's my annual call for movie pitches! @digitalspy is seeking timely feature ideas (w.headlines plz!) particularly from underrepresented voices (we rarely accept interview or review pitches).
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Melissa Lee, Market Wellness Editor of Healthline Posted:

"Hi! Looking for mental health pitches for my content series on Healthline, You're Not Alone: This year, I'm looking to shift the scope from only covering specific conditions to more broader topics — see thread for deets :)"

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Freelance Opportunities For Freelancers Like Me

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Freelance Opportunities For Freelancers Like Me

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