Freelance Opportunities for Freelancers Like Me - Feb 8, 2024

Freelance Opportunities for Freelancers Like Me  - Feb 8, 2024

Josie Watson @JosieWatson [Managing Editor of Lifestyle @TechRadar] Looking for #freelancewriters with experience testing beauty products! Ideally, I'm looking for hair dryer reviewers different hair types; thicker hair, curly and coily in particular, as right now we're mostly represented by fine, straight or lightly wavy hair! #freelance No real deadline, just looking to get some more diverse voices for our reviews. Rates-wise, I'm happy to discuss, it varies from product to product based on testing required and the freelancer's experience [


Starlight Williams @star_lightw: ISO: 2 Tennessee-based travel guide/hotel writers. Needs to actively explore the state. No pitches. Pay rate: $1/word (will be a flat fee). Deadline to respond Feb 8. Email 

Natalie Chui @chui_natalie: Hi, I’m looking to commission a freelance home & kitchen appliance journalist / expert to review BBQs for the Sun’s shopping section, please send pitches to 

Stephanie Pitera Statile @stephpitera: I'm currently looking for writers who meet any of the following descriptions for multiple @BusinessInsider stories:
-A restaurant owner from Italy 
-A foodie who grew up in Italy
-A Pottery Barn employee
-A Crate & Barrel employee
DM me! 

Maddie Oatman @moatman: Hello culturally minded writers and freelancers: I'm assigning 2,500 word essays and profiles. Email me to pitch, or to talk ideas in person next week at #AWP24 Here's a general sense of what I'm looking for in Mixed Media, our print culture section that pays ~$2/word Freelance Writer Guidelines. A few types of stories that could work well for us right now: Essays that explore a provocative idea as it appears across several books/films/art; Essays or dispatches about how internet culture and/or disinformation are shaping real world/physical culture; Profiles of musicians/artists/writers using form in creative ways to respond to or subvert debates about identity/capitalism/justice/gender 

Lindsay Schrupp @LindsaySchrupp: i'm looking for pitches about travel for @thrillist. explorations of zeitgeisty travel trends, in-depth reported features exploring the intersection of travel and culture, place-based storytelling and unique profiles — please send! rates are 350 and up 

Bonnie Stiernberg @aahrealbonsters: Hey, I'm in need of music-related pitches for @InsideHook . (I've already exhausted the majority of my Feb. freelance budget, so mostly looking for stuff for March and beyond) bstiernberg@insidehook.comUsually in the $350-$400 range, though we can pay significantly more for a big package or a deeply reported long read. We've got a separate budget for that kind of thing we can dip into. 


Joy Manning, the editor Edible Philly, is looking for articles that relate to local food in the Philadelphia area. Though we cover chefs and restaurants, we also focus on farmers and artisan food makers of all kinds. Newsletter readers can get a sense of the articles we publish at We're now looking for pitches for our summer issue, and writers should pitch us via this form: Honorariums start at $250 and can go up depending on the level of effort involved with the article. The pitch deadline is February 14. (received via email from Joy Manning)

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