Freelance Opportunities for Freelancers Like Me

Freelance Opportunities for Freelancers Like Me

Do you have an idea for BuzzFeed's BODY WEEK series? 

BuzzFeed Culture  @reader: Do you have an idea for our BODY WEEK series? We’re interested in stories about body image, disability, the body and masculinity, cosmetic procedures and trends, and more. Send it to See previous stories here:… 

Farrah Penn, Editor @BuzzFeedBooks shared a Thread on How to Pitch Buzzfeed Books.

Posting this in case anyone out there is interested! Here’s a thread on how you can pitch Buzzfeed Books. It’s easier than you may think. What we’re looking for: Roundups; Quizzes TV/movie + books content; Anything out of the box (Example!…) You can email pitches. Here’s what’s helpful to include: Headline/frame A solid idea on the format (or link to another post like it); Beats/books we can expect; Subject example: “BOOKS PITCH: 25 Books My Dog Loved And So Will You” Where to pitch: If this idea is book-related, CC me: farrah[dot]penn[at]buzzfeed[dot]com The payment range is $100-$300 depending on length/format. It’s helpful that you’re aware of the content we already publish so you’re not pitching something similar to something that just ran! ( You can also pitch things that aren’t books-related to the general email! More details here:… 



OkayAfrica is commissioning and assigning African arts and culture stories. 

The stories should be about people based on the continent or in the Diaspora, doing big things in film, fashion, art, photography, literature, etc.  Email with 2-3 samples to previously written work, preferably in the realm of arts and culture. Solid, well thought-out ideas will trump not having published clips. Looking specifically for African stories, or Africans based in the US, so the writers should be in one of these two places.  $250 per story. (via Sonia Newsletter)

Amber Leventry (they/them) @AmberLeventry: Hey all. This is a #callforpitches and #callforwriters from #lgbtqia journalists who can cover queer related news stories for @parentsmagazine. Currently looking for a writer to cover binder safety. Email Amber @ $300‐400 for longer features.

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