Freelance Opportunities for Freelancers Like Me - Feb. 29, 2024

Freelance Opportunities for Freelancers Like Me - Feb. 29, 2024

Rachel Garbus @rachel_garbus: A bit of professional news: Thrilled to be joining @AtlantaMagazine as deputy editor! We’ve had an eventful year here, but know that our editorial team remains deeply committed to telling real stories about the city we love. Writers, pitch me at! We assign stories ranging from 400-3,000 words, and rates are generally as close to $1/word as we can get! (originally posted on January 22 wit updates about rolling deadline added on February 22)

Bonnie Stiernberg @aahrealbonsters: Hey, I'm in need of music-related pitches for @InsideHook . (I've already exhausted the majority of my Feb. freelance budget, so mostly looking for stuff for March and beyond) bstiernberg@insidehook.comUsually in the $350-$400 range, though we can pay significantly more for a big package or a deeply reported long read. We've got a separate budget for that kind of thing we can dip into. Always open to pitches (originally posted February 1 with additional info about rolling deadline added on February 22)

DAME Magazine @damemagazine: We're so sorry to see layoffs (again) at a few outlets. We're accepting feature/op-ed pitches. We're looking for pieces on the care economy, elder care, women's health, and climate stories that have intersections with other issues. More info here Pitch DAME | Dame Magazine (February 21)

I'm looking for pitches for the health and parenting section of Business Insider about any of the following topics: what it's like to have an unusual name or why you chose one for your child, disconnecting from tech/living in a low-impact way (getting rid of your smartphone, stopping online ordering, etc), workplace romances or romances with neighbors (or other unexpected/possibly tricky places), stories about someone helping you pay off debt/getting an inheritance unexpectedly, stories about foster care (either as a parent or being in it), stories about longevity (healthy lifestyle tips from older people in your family), stories about being an older parent or having older parents, stories about going to an alternative school, travel stories with family, finances affecting your relationship, and generational differences in parenting. If you have an interesting personal story that doesn't fit into any of these topics but is related to health and parenting (relationships, mental or physical health, etc), you can also reach out! Starting at $225 for around 600 words. Open to writers of all levels, demographics, and locations. Email me at  Feel free to include relevant links if you have them, but it's okay if you don't.  Use [PITCH: Proposed headline] as your subject line. Rolling deadline.   (received via email from Rosemary Donahue, health and parenting editor at Business Insider)

FORTUNE @FortuneMagazine: Here's how to pitch a freelance story to Fortune. How to pitch a freelance story to Fortune (February 20)

noella @yonoella: for may, @AptTherapy is looking for pitches related to mental health awareness month regarding your life at home. rates start at $200 and the deadline is 3/6 to send pitches to this form

Ruth Murai @ruthcmurai: 🚨🚨 Mother Jones is HIRING our next Editorial Fellowship class! We're looking for smart and curious early-career journalists to join us for a yearlong crash course in investigative journalism.


Starlight Williams @star_lightw: Changing beats! Seeking conversation starters. Timely culture, history, health/wellness, and trend explainers/stories. Lover of all mythology, supernatural, strange history, fitness trend stories. Can intersect with travel. ~$1/w | send to

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