Freelance Opportunities of The Week

Freelance Opportunities of The Week

The Sun Magazine's Outreach Coordinator is Looking for Essays

Anna Gazmarian, Outreach Coordinator at The Sun Magazine Posted:

"We're still looking for essays about important objects in your life. Do you have a lucky charm or a cursed knickknack you're superstitious about? Send your essays to by Nov 1st!"

Metro Opinion UK's Editor is Looking To Commission First Person/Opinion Pieces

Izzie Price, Editor at Metro Opinion UK Posted:

"✨ Writers! ✨ I'm always keen to commission first person/opinion pieces over at @MetroOpinion, both topical & evergreen. Please send me your pitches: x"

The Independent's Acting Audience Lead, Ecommerce is Looking For Pitches

Scarlet Anderson, Acting Audience Lead, Ecommerce at The Independent Posted:

"Keen to receive pitches about Christmas decorations products, DIY home ideas & products (ideally listed on Amazon/TikTok) - for@TheIndyBest (@Independent) socials and ecom ongoing strategy.

Daily Mail Online's Editor is Looking For Pitches

Silvia Pellegrino, Editor at Daily Mail Online Posted:

"Looking for fun Discover pitches for MailOnline - could be 'how to' pieces or new trends we should be looking out for, TikTok creators etc... If you have any idea, reach me at

Email Silvia at

Chloe Louise is Looking For Celebrity/Entertainment Stories

"I am writing for @MailOnline's showbiz desk and looking to cover more celebrity/entertainment stories - please add my email to any PR mailing lists and do send over any interviews/ campaigns/ filming opps - thank you!

Insider's Senior Editor is Looking For Pitches

Conz Preti, Senior Editor at Insider Posted:

Looking for people who regret signing a prenup to share the reasons why.

Email me directly (address in bio).
Rates start at $200, length max 700 words.

Email Conz at

Emily Krivograd, Senior Editor at Insider is Looking for 2 Writers

"Searching for two writers for @thisisinsider! First, I'm looking for a current Aldi employee who wants to share their favorite products. Secondly, I'm looking for a tattoo artist to share their least/most favorite designs.

Rates start at $200.

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Freelance Opportunities of The Week

Magazine Job Opportunities of the Week

Freelance Opportunities of The Week

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