Freelancer Opportunities for Freelancers Like Me

Freelancer Opportunities for Freelancers Like Me

Dee Lockett, new Culture Features Editor at New York Magazine Posted an Opportunity you should consider.

"so some news that i guess is personal and professional???  in a v 2021 plot twist i have filed for divorce from both my wife (sry rih) and my (current) job  no i'm not leaving @vulture but i AM moving over to features editor @nymag and will no longer be wed to music...emme not bore you with the whys except to say one reason has been a deep, nagging feeling that it's time for a new era in@vulture music, a new leader, and a new way of thinking about this wildly unpredictable industry.

Then Justin M Curtodo,@vulture department of music & celebrity drama writer posted.

"you want to lead the most fun music section in all of media — and more importantly, to be my new boss?? apply to be vulture's senior music editor! and feel free to dm me if you're wondering anything.
Email Justin at

Raquel Reichard, Deputy Director @ Refinery29 Somos is now accepting pitches.

Emily Saladino, Managing Editor for Wine Enthusiast Magazine Is looking for Pitches.

"Pitching guidelines are here, tho we’re not currently commissioning city guides (or most travel service) 
Email Emily: $1/word for print, $.50/word for digital"

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