Health Magazine is Seeking a Digital Editor

Health Magazine is Seeking a Digital Editor

Health Magazine is Hiring a Full-Time Digital Editor For Women’s Health and Wellness Topics

Health magazine is seeking a full-time digital editor with excellent reporting and editing skills and a passion for the women’s health and wellness topics that covers (from sexual health and wellness trends to medical news, food, fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle).

The digital editor will be responsible for pitching and writing 1-2 news stories per day and 2-3 evergreen pieces per week on a range of topics. On any given day you could be tasked with explaining the latest medical research, exposing the latest celeb diet trend, or helping with reporting for a long-form investigative piece. The position requires you to change gears, sometimes within the same day, between writing and editing. This role will also play a supporting role in the creation and management of special features and franchises, both on site and social.

Essential Job Functions
Content creation

  • Monitor and pitch trending health news daily
  • Interview experts, report, and write 1-2 timely health news stories daily, 3-4 evergreen stories weekly
  • Ideate and pitch story ideas for onsite, social media, and SEO that deliver on brand growth goals and initiatives
  • Write descriptive copy to support on-site videos
  • Assist senior editors with the creation and production of editorial franchises and spotlights
  • Pitch and recruit new contributors (writers, experts, influencers) monthly
  • Assign and top edit SEO-based content, and prep it for publication

Social media

  • Follow social media pages relating to health trends, fitness, food, and celebrities as well as follow health/wellness influencer accounts
  • Assist with social media strategy as needed
  • Represent the brand at events, on social, and in video as needed


Minimum Qualifications and Job Requirements 


  • Bachelor’s degree in journalism or a related field is preferred


  • 4+ years of editorial experience at a media company, with a focus on women’s health and lifestyle

Specific Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
You are:

  • Proven: You understand what kind of story will attract readers and how to keep their attention and trust—with the clips to prove it.
  • Experienced: You have a handful of writers and at least a dozen experts in your trusted stable, you know what constitutes a reliable source, and you know how to interpret and distill a study
  • Hyper-organized: You’re able to oversee many moving parts and keep the trains running without being micromanaged.
  • Team player: You enjoy the process of collaboration and play well with others. Bonus points for a keen sense of humor.
  • Driven: You care about delivering strong work and have a willingness to go the extra mile.
  • Curious. You’re always looking for story leads and are equally as receptive to professional feedback.
  • Passionate about storytelling in all its forms. You’re a voracious reader and consumer of content across diverse platforms and outlets.
  • Tech-savvy: You know how to publish content in a CMS, ideally Wordpress.

You have:

  • Superior SEO knowledge and experience with content maintenance
  • Experience with Google Analytics and various analytical and social media listening tools
  • A familiarity with the Health brand and how’s coverage compares to that of other women’s health and wellness sites.


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