Introducing The Cover Star of Cosmopolitan's The Music Issue - Bella Poarch

Introducing The Cover Star of Cosmopolitan's The Music Issue - Bella Poarch

Bella Poarch Graces Cover of Cosmopolitan's The Music Issue

Bella Poarch Broke TikTok and Now She’s Coming for the Music Industry

There’s a lot, though, that sets Bella’s story apart from that of the up-and-coming-and-feeling-pretty-anxious pop star. To start, she was born and raised in the Philippines, first by her grandmother, then by adoptive parents. Eventually, the family moved to the U.S., where Bella graduated high school early and quickly joined the Navy. After she finished boot camp, she got her first tattoo, a heart lock and key that has since given way to distinctive ink that covers much of her 5-foot-even frame.

Today, Bella is a force who extends well beyond the app where she made her name: Her music video debut, with going on 400 million views, was YouTube’s single biggest debut ever. And this year, the so far online-only megastar is hitting the physical world: Her new EP comes out this spring, with her first live performances to follow.

" If I really wanted to just wow people, I would sing that. I want to make songs that make women feel powerful and confident. Basically songs that say, “I might be pretty, I might be cute and sweet, but if you fuck with me, you’re going to get fucked up.” "

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