Introducing The Cover Star of Town & Country's September Issue, Michelle Yeoh

Introducing The Cover Star of Town & Country's  September Issue, Michelle Yeoh

Michelle Yeoh Covers Town & Country's September Issue

The first thing that registers when you meet Yeoh in person is how startlingly small she is, stacked against her imposing onscreen presence. She has built her career playing women poised to stab their rivals with a sword—or, in the case of her Crazy Rich Asians character, grande dame Eleanor Young, a cutting remark.

Yeoh has had to get comfortable being called an icon, a legend, a queen. (A prince of Jordan once saluted her.) But such compliments imply a coating of dust. What makes this moment matter is that the industry is finally keeping pace with her quest for excellence.

"I go forward, because life is about moving forward. Failures make us stronger, and they make us understand the path."

— Michelle Yeoh

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Writer: Amy Nicholson

Amy Nicholson is a film writer and critic, and the host of the movie podcasts "Unspooled" and "Zoom." The former chief film critic for LA Weekly and MTV News, and she frequently writes for Variety, The Guardian, and Rolling Stone. Her first book, Tom Cruise: Anatomy of an Actor, was published by Cahiers du Cinema.

Photographer: Ruven Afanador

Ruvén Afanador is an internationally renowned photographer of limitless imagination, powerful vision and profound sense of self. He was born in Colombia, and his proud Latin American heritage has inspired his extensive body of work creating an intensely personal language characterized by the balance of bold emotion and delicate nuance. He lives in New York City from where he continues his career photographing the emblematic figures of contemporary fashion, music and film, as well as his personal book projects, always challenging the conventional definitions of gender and beauty.

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