Introducing The Cover Stars of Rolling Stone's June Issue - Blackpink

Introducing The Cover Stars of Rolling Stone's June Issue - Blackpink

Blackpink Graces Cover of Rolling Stone's June Issue

Blackpink are one of the most popular artists to ever come out of South Korea. They’re the most-followed music act on YouTube; on the streets of Seoul, you see them everywhere, from tiny screens in elevators to billboards on skyscrapers. Even the South Korean president has credited the group, among other cultural exports, for “giving hope and happiness to many around the world.” In the U.S., Blackpink have filled arenas and collaborated with stars like Lady Gaga and Cardi B. 

Blackpink come from diverse backgrounds. Lisa (real name: Lalisa Manobal), 25, is from Thailand, a dancer and rapper who spits fierce rhymes in multiple languages. Rosé (Roseanne Chaeyoung Park), also 25, was born in New Zealand and grew up in Australia. She’s the guitar-playing, high-note-hitting main vocalist with the “golden voice,” as fans love to point out. Twenty-six-year-old Jennie Kim, the group’s main rapper, grew up in Seoul and New Zealand, before joining YG in 2010. She’s been living in Seoul with her mother for the past year. There’s no leader in Blackpink, but sometimes Jennie feels like one, calm and collected, often answering the more difficult questions on behalf of the group. And 27-year-old Jisoo Kim grew up in Gunpo, about 20 miles south of YG headquarters; she’s the lead vocalist and an expert harmonizer, both quick witted and philosophical in interviews.

Now, Blackpink are revving up to launch new music — to unleash more bangers, to further cement their place as one of greatest girl groups of all time — with no end in sight

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