Latina Magazine is Back! Meet the Editors

Latina Magazine is Back! Meet the Editors

Latina Media Ventures, the publishing house behind the illustrious print Latina Magazine, announces the brand's re-launch today as a digital publication with an entirely new redesign and editorial team. As the authoritative voice of Latin American culture for the past two decades, Latina celebrates its 25th anniversary by ushering in the new generation of Latinx voices worldwide.

Led by a team of Latinx creatives, will be helmed by Camila Legaspi as the Chief Content Officer and Verky Baldonado as Editor at Large. The digital publication moves forward with quarterly digital covers, a new logo, and new web design, covering topics rooted in Culture, Self, and News.



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As Chief Content Officer, Camila Legaspi is a rising force in the media space bringing Latina to a new, younger, more socially aware generation while simultaneously working on overall creative direction for the platform.
"Growing up Mexican-American, I felt like I was always searching for platforms and content that kept me connected to my heritage. Latina did that for so many," Camila shares. "Creating a platform for Latinxs is tricky because we're not a monolith and should not synthesize our identities into one. Precisely because of that, is going to be a place that avoids simplifying our stories and instead shares compelling content from distinct cultures."

Founded in 1996, Latina Magazine was the first of its kind - an authoritative voice for Latina women in the U.S. Today, Latina aims to be a space for the entire Latinx community, regardless of identity.

Driven by a team of young Latinx creatives, Latina is a platform for the intersection of culture, politics, and entertainment.  Dedicated to celebrating and amplifying Latinx voices, enables readers to stay connected to their heritage and engage with relevant content through a Latin lens.



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