Level, Publication For Black Men Launched on Medium Has Migrated To Levelman.com

Level, Publication For Black Men Launched on Medium Has Migrated To Levelman.com

Jermaine Hall, CEO and Founder of Level Announced The Migration Of Level To Levelman.com

"I’m excited to announce that I’ve migrated LEVEL off the Medium platform and onto the open web with Ev Williams as the principal backer in this seed round.

This brand is dedicated to serving Black men 30 and older on dot com and IRL (experiential announcements coming soon). We want to make the lives of this group better today than they were the previous day. Come take the journey with us. You will learn, laugh, and discover how to love yourself.

Many thanks to Jem Aswad and Variety for this article. The LEVEL team is truly honored."

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Level, the publication for Black men launched on Medium three years ago, has migrated to its own website, Levelman.com, with Medium founder/CEO Ev Williams serving as the lead investor.

“Level built an ecosystem for Black men,” says CEO and founder Jermaine Hall. “We delivered a space where this audience with tremendous disposable income and cultural currency can be seen. The response from our audience required us to expand our offerings and build a larger universe for them to come together, let their guards down, and share ideas.”

Published in 'Variety' May 24, 2022

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