Life of A Working Journalist isn't always Filled with Assignments and Invoices.

Life of A Working Journalist isn't always Filled with Assignments and Invoices.

Today's just Tuesday and I've already gotten two denial emails from editors at Cosmopolitan and Esquire

Life of a Freelance writer won't always be assignment letters and invoicing. Sometimes, you'll get rejections and even worst denials. Today was just one of those days. I get email responses in my email account and immediately get excited that I just got assignments with Cosmo and Esquire! My heart leapt. Then it hits me hard once I open the emails. Thanks but no thanks. It works out like that sometimes but you can't let it stop you. And Look at the bright side, I've just confirmed two very valuable emails for contacts at those two publications. Although they said NO on this pitch, they did respond and offer feedback. We LOVE feedback. I'm going to share one of the pitches from Cosmo so you can be inspired to go better this week I know I will.

First, it's true, my pitch was LAZY with no forethought and she told me that Flat out. I appreciated her for that. 

Even after I took that time to rewrite the pitch to make it more meaningful and feature-like. she was still kind enough to respond.


Won't share the actual pitch with you because it's quite personal in nature and a feature article in itself.

I need to sharpen my pitches which means that I need to fully delve into their publications and see what other writers are writing about. What other features are being assigned and how to fine tune my pitches in order for these two editors to give me a yes. 

When an editor responds to your pitch, you thank then for responded and get better at pitching because NOW you've found an editor that responds to pitches.

There's a celebration in there and yep! it's Only Tuesday!

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