Marlon Wayans Photographed Exclusively for Fall issue Cover of Kolor Magazine

Photo by Ammar Thomas

Marlon Wayans Gets his Grown and Sexy On for the September/Fall issue of Kolor Magazine.

          Photos by Ammar Thomas

Kolor Magazine is the digital fashion magazine for black and brown men that you should be reading. Here Marlon Wayans is photographed in a classic brown suit from Roberto Cavalli and a DKNY shirt.

In the interview, the actor, executive producer and comedian opened up on preparing for his role as Ted White in the biographical musical drama film, Respect.


“It’s funny because I’ve never played a character like Ted White. I don’t identify with this character at all: I’m not an abusive guy, I’m not an insecure person. I’m not a pimp in that kind of manipulative way. I’m just so far from Ted in terms of our characters as men that it was challenging to discover that [character]." he says. "What I found through the discovery, it’s not always a monster that makes them a monster. Sometimes it’s the insecurities of a little boy. What would make a man hit a woman? Damaged people damage people and I had to identify with that."


Read the entire issue here on Kolor Magazine's Issue No. 10. web page.

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