Masika Kalysha Graces Cover of Hype Hair's September/October Issue

Masika Kalysha Graces Cover of Hype Hair's September/October Issue

Introducing The Cover Star of Hype Hair's September/October Issue, Masika Kalysha

Masika Kalysha is beautiful, ambitious, and has a go-getter mentality. Yes, she’s well known from her popular TV shows but she’s also a singer/songwriter, entrepreneur, and businesswoman. She has her own cosmetic and hair brand company called Khari Barbie Beauty: which was named after her daughter Khari Barbie Maxwell. She also has a book teaching everyone stock marketing tips called “Stock Market Tips From A Bad Bitch.”

Masika is bold and fearless. She’s spreading her wings and stepping into new avenues. She’s working to expand her beauty brands and dive into new things. It’s safe to say Masika is making Boss moves and this is only the beginning.


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Photographer: Joseph Ford

Joseph Ford is a Westcott Top Pro beauty and fashion photographer that resides in Los Angeles. Ford finished 10 honorable years in the Marines, but fell in love with photography while on a road trip with family a few years ago. He visited some beautiful places and was able to capture it all with just some clicks here and some clicks there on an iPhone 4s. Ever since then, he have upgraded his equipment and have honed his skill.

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