Meet Candace Marie Stewart - PRADA's new Social Media Director

Meet Candace Marie Stewart - PRADA's new Social Media Director

An advocate and curator of minority creatives in the luxury and digital space; Candace Marie Stewart through her respected voice in the industry, champions for people of color behind corporate walls - where change is needed the most. This month Candace starts at the new Social Media director for PRADA. 

Born in Oklahoma and raised in Arkansas, Candace Marie Stewart decided to make the leap to NYC six years ago and pursue a career in fashion. While she has worked for some phenomenal companies (the list includes VogueBarneys, Peopleand Essence), she is most proud of her eclectic online magazine

"I started Marie Mag as a medium to inspire and encourage women to pursue their dreams wholeheartedly. I try to be as transparent as possible when I write. I want other women to know that at times life will be hard but we are a strong force that can overcome anything. Essentially, our struggle is our strength." 


'I take care of myself first through peace and quiet. My place is a haven for me when I just need to be still. The city can be overwhelmingly noisy and busy so blocking out that outside noise is essential on a daily basis. I also nurture myself through prayer, meditation and thinking positive thoughts and by surrounding myself with people who uplift me.

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