Meet The Cover Stars of Harper's Bazaar's The Beauty Issue

Meet The Cover Stars of Harper's Bazaar's The Beauty Issue

Imaan HammamSora ChoiJill Kortleve, and Lauren Hutton Graces Cover of Harper's Bazaar's The Beauty Issue

Imaan Hamaam

"Being a model doesn’t mean that you’re always perfect. We go through stuff every day. You have family issues. That’s all just part of it. I feel like shit most of the time! And that’s totally normal. It’s important to be in that moment and to feel it, I think, and not to be hard on yourself when you do feel like that."

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Sora Choi

"Since I started modeling, my priorities in life have changed, where it’s not only about my career. It’s about me as a friend, wife, and daughter. I’ve matured more, and I’ve become more of a person than a model."

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Jill Kortleve

"When I started out as a straight-size model, which is considered a size 0 or 2, I was dieting 24/7. Food was the only thing I could think about. I wouldn’t even get dinner or drinks with my friends. My mental state couldn’t keep up with the beauty industry’s standards that I thought I had to follow to become successful. So I decided I wanted to become a curve model, one who is larger than straight size, and it opened up a whole new part of the industry that I didn’t even know about. In Europe, the curve industry wasn’t, and still isn’t, as big as it is in the States."

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Lauren Hutton

"I’m happy to still be modeling, and I’m still an athlete. But it’s embarrassing to pose in front of a camera. You feel strange. You become self-conscious. Modeling is like playing the violin: You have to practice every day. Now when I look at the camera, I’ve learned to picture my lover’s face, my godkids’ faces, my friends’—whoever I need in there."

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