New York Times Magazine is hiring an Assistant Managing Editor. Apply Here!

New York Times Magazine is hiring an Assistant Managing Editor. Apply Here!

Vauhini Vara, NY Times Story editor wrote. 

I've consistently been astonished at how warm, collaborative & non-toxic everyone at @NYTmag is — along with being as smart & creative & ambitious as you'd expect. If that describes you, too, apply for this assistant managing editor position!

The New York Times Magazine is seeking a strong and experienced editor to join our team in the new role of assistant managing editor. The ideal candidate will demonstrate strong organizational skills, as well as impeccable news judgment, a keen ear and sharp pencil for display copy, and the combination of editorial acumen and people skills required to shepherd the deadline process at one of the nation’s last, great weekly magazines.

The role will answer to the new Managing Editor - Jeannie Choi.

I’m thrilled to announce that the next managing editor of The New York Times Magazine will be Jeannie Choi. She takes on the role at a moment when the Magazine is undergoing important changes that will prepare it for the next decade, such as prioritizing our digital transition, deepening our relationship to the newsroom, expanding into special projects, leaning into our D.E.I. work, and redoubling our commitment to making a magazine that surprises and delights our readers on all platforms. The managing editor role will evolve as part of these efforts, and Jeannie is the perfect candidate for the job.

Jeannie has been with the Magazine for eight years. During that time she’s exemplified the key attributes of a great managing editor: a commitment to and deep understanding of the work; strong journalistic instincts; unflagging dedication to her colleagues; the ability to foster community around her; a nose for solutions (and a keen eye for problems); an appetite for new challenges; prodigious organizational skills; and the kind of humility that leadership requires. All of this has been evident from the beginning with Jeannie. less than a year on the job, she was leading those efforts.

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