NewsOne & i-D Magazine are Recruiting Freelance Journalists

NewsOne & i-D Magazine are Recruiting Freelance Journalists

Bruce Coleridge-Taylor Wright Posts on Behalf of NewsOne that read...

NewsOne is recruiting freelance journalists who love to write, will report on assignment & regularly contribute original content about current events impacting Black lives. Emphasis on politics, social justice & opinion writers. Contact me at with pitches! [Rates will be competitive but sadly I still don't have my 2022 freelance budget set yet. I'm expecting for it to be finalized this week, maybe next. That said, I'm hoping that writers will be able to provide me with their rates that I can take back to my bosses and make a case for.] 


Jenna Mahale Posted on behalf of I-D Magazine saying...

"hello! i’m looking for @i_D pitches! send stories about cult films, y2k fashion, online and offline subculture (COMPELLING tiktok nonsense ONLY) to  we pay £200+ and i’m gonna do a nice big thread of examples below [see thread for examples]

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