Q&A: "Being Mary Jane" Costume Designer Sekinah Brown talks about Season 4



Sekinah Brown sat down with the stylist suite to discuss her work on Season 4 of BET's popular drama "Being Mary Jane" starring Gabrielle Union.


Question: How many characters in total did you have to dress including principle cast and extras?


Sekinah: Too many to count. Just to give you an idea, we had over 110 costume changes in the 1st episode alone. We did 10 episodes for season 4B. 


Question: How long was the shooting schedule and where was Season #4 shot?

Sekinah: This was actually season 4. It was broken up into 4A (shot Sept-Dec), and 4B (shot Feb-May). We filmed in Atlanta. 

Question: The main character has a new job in a new city; how does her wardrobe change?

Sekinah: Yes, Mary Jane moved to New York for a new gig as a morning show correspondent. With the help of Kara, Mary Jane is determined to get the anchor chair. We see her wardrobe change from dark and structured into a softer silhouette. We mix in more patterns and color. As her career and love life flourish, so does her wardrobe. 

Question: Talk about the approaches to dressing  the Older characters and Raven Goodwin, the plus character?

Sekinah: When it comes to Raven's character (Niecy), I find inspiration in everyday life. Niecy is young and vibrant. She's on the scene, so she rocks the latest trends. I find a lot of her pieces online (ASOS, River Island, Forever 21). The character Helen (Mary Jane's mother) shows a completely different side this season. I can't wait for the audience to see this juicy storyline. Helen keeps it classy with a little added spice

Question: Can you identify any indie designers used this season?

Sekinah: We used a beautiful necklace on Gab from designer Tofara. Gab saw it and instantly fell in love. Love those moments when it just clicks! 

Question: Can you identify any memorable scenes with jaw dropping fashion? Memorable outfits that stand out?

Good question. Honestly, there are quite a few memorable looks, but I enjoyed episode 419. I don't want to give the storyline away, so you'll just have to watch. 

Question: What did your wardrobe look like?


Sekinah: Lol. We work very long hours, with that said, comfort is very important. I guess you could describe my "work style" as a little Tomboy chic. 

Question: When does Survivors Remorses' next season premiere?

Sekinah: So excited for season 4 of Survivor's Remorse which airs August 20th on Starz!

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