Real Simple hired Hana Hong as their Associate Digital Beauty and Style Editor

Real Simple hired Hana Hong as their Associate Digital Beauty and Style Editor
For Hana, it's just like coming back home. Meredith is where she got her start as a young intern at Instyle Magazine.
Real Simple has hired Hana Hong as its new Associate Digital Beauty and Style Editor. Hana previously worked as a Beauty Assistant at Marie Claire. Hana graduated from the University of Illinois in 2018! Which makes her around 23 years old and already a Beauty and Style editor at Meredith.
Back in 2014 as a freshman, Hana started a blog called "College Fashionista" where she wrote blogs about fashion-forward college students; often offering advice and beauty expertise. What we loved about Hana's blog is that is showed a diverse about of images and women of color. She got it, creating great content that looked and felt genuine and super elegant and beautiful. We can see why editors loved her at Meredith.
From there landed a dream internship earning her numerous clips in the digital space and garnering her an opportunity to write about both travel and our craze with celebrities and travel.
From there Hana spread her freelance wings with Reader's Digest and MSN, it was until she secured a gig as the Beauty Assistant at Hearst, did she start gaining ground in the publishing world. Her first full-time job at a big publishing house, Hana was on her way. 
in 2019, she wrote a transparent article in Cosmopolitan discussing challenges she faced because of Korean heritage and how blatantly disapproving her family and friends could be about her appearance. We especially loved her advice on getting into journalism.
"In retrospect, my career path wasn’t something you can learn in a classroom; it was the culmination of my proactive connections in the industry. Informational interviews are always great; I spent one of my spring breaks at college in New York networking with editors instead of the typical tropical getaway that students did (paid off in the end). And find yourself a good mentor – I couldn’t have gotten to where I am now without the help of amazing people who believed in me from the very beginning. If you really love what you do, keep going at it. I don’t want to sound like a motivational poster, but it’s true: there are going to be rejections, anxiety, and disappointing moments, but keep trusting in yourself remember that you are your biggest enemy. Persistence can take you to extraordinary places."
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