Rihanna Posed and Photographed herself in this edition of Vogue Italia

Photo Courtesy of Rihanna by Rihanna


Rihanna by Rihanna: the star, protagonist of our cover, posed, photographed herself and chose which clothes to wear in the spirit of this edition of Vogue Italia, dedicated to Do It Yourself. On Newsstand tomorrow June 4.


Director Emanuele Farneti writes in his editorial : “In recent years we have tried to use our cover in many different ways: with photography or illustrations, or even without images. However, we had never asked the protagonist to do everything by himself: pose, photograph, choose what clothes to wear. If there was a right moment for this new experiment, it could only be the DIY issue, and there could not be a better subject than Rihanna - so many times on the covers, but never like this time in the version in which she and only she chose to show oneself, without filters and mediations ".

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