Rihanna's FENTY has arrived.

Rihanna's FENTY has arrived.

The much anticipated collection of Rihanna and FENTY


has arrived on Instagram and the world is ready to spend. Or are they?

I'm seeing jumpsuits, monichrome colors similar for her lingerie line, faded whites, black and neutrals. Although on Rihanna the clothes look sexy and styled while fitted to her body, the models used in the video were wearing oversized button down jackets and dresses with mini skirt combinations.

I'm not sure this line is for me but people LOVE RiRi's Fashion Icon status and I"m sure will do all they can to keep it that way.

I haven't been able to find a lookbook or still images of the line and there seems to only be a sign up email as items aren't listed 'For Sale' yet.

This video below will have to due for now. Stay tuned.


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