Shonda Rhimes Graces Cover Of TIME Magazine's Double Issue

Shonda Rhimes Graces Cover Of TIME Magazine's Double Issue

Introducing The TIME Magazine's Cover Star, Shonda Rhimes

When ABC started airing a Thursday-night lineup of @greysabc, @scandalabc and @howtogetawaywithmurder in the mid-2010s, an archetypal @shondaland heroine had taken shape. She was smart, strong, gorgeous, successful and still driven to achieve. These women wanted things, worked hard, made tough choices, loved fiercely, fought with impossible parents, then went home and drank about it.

At her most prolific, @shondarhimes, who is TV’s highest-paid and, arguably, most successful showrunner, was responsible for producing around 70 episodes of TV across up to four ABC dramas each year. Then in 2017, she signed an industry-shaking deal with Netflix that the parties reupped this past summer at a reported value of $300 million to $400 million, complete with a “significant raise” and a five-year extension.

“The idea of pretending that we have no other life is some sort of fantasy out of the 1950s, where the little lady stayed at home. I don’t have a little lady at home. So if I am excelling at one thing, something else is falling off. And that is completely O.K.”

Shonda Rhimes


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