Simone Biles Graces Cover of PORTER

Simone Biles Graces Cover of PORTER

Introducing The Cover Star of Porter's Latest Cover StorySimone Biles

It’s been several months now since Biles, as one of the most celebrated and anticipated athletes heading into the Tokyo Games, made the monumental decision to withdraw from some of the events due to what she described as her mind and body not being “in sync”. It was during a practice session when the gymnast – who began her elite career at the age of 14 – knew something felt off. Despite her best efforts to push forward, even though people around her were warning caution, Biles said that she “just kind of crashed”. She would later expand, saying that “she couldn’t see herself in her head,” an issue sometimes referred to as the “twisties”, which can pose a great risk to a gymnast.

“I’ll ALWAYS continue to be a VOICE for the voiceless. Gymnastics CAN be a safe place”


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