Stephen Curry Covers February Issue of GQ Magazine

Stephen Curry Covers February Issue of GQ Magazine

GQ Magazine's February Cover Star, Stephen Curry

It's here, in the belly of the Warriors' arena, that Stephen Curry has diligently remade himself and his team. And glimpsing him in this private lair, just before our interview, is like witnessing a superhero's origin story. Except it's the sequel, the story of his rebirth. Our hero is better than before, the mythology more grandiose. In an instant, there's a song shift. Once the beat drops on “You Only Live Twice,” Curry is newly energized, grinning underneath the shadow of the towel, gesturing with his hands, shaking his head on beat. The song serves as an appropriate anthem for a player in the throes of a second NBA life, making the impossible look easy in new ways.

Despite being one of the game's greatest superstars, Curry remains something of an outlier in today's NBA, situated largely outside the fraternity of stars that operate with a public off-court kinship. That's partly due to the aforementioned underdog status that defined his youth and college career.

“There's a level of insecurity that comes with my personal experience of how I get ready for a season,” Curry reveals. “I understand where the bar is at and I've got to keep raising it. So that level of insecurity drives me, because it's three months where you're thinking about how do you get better?”

— Stephen Curry


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