The Verge Has A New Opening For Creators Editor

The Verge Has A New Opening For Creators Editor

The Verge is Seeking a Creators Editor

The Verge’s Creators Editor will work with in-house reporters and freelance writers to develop and edit stories about online platforms, the people who use them, and how everyone involved is trying to get paid. From influencers hopping on the latest trend, to major platforms changing their payout rules to court (and then spurn) creators, to the day’s viral star chasing their tweet with a SoundCloud link, The Verge’s Creators coverage delivers clear and important reporting on how social platforms and the business of being online is changing.

As Creators Editor, you’ll be in charge of assigning and editing news and reports examining the biggest events of the week, as well as planning larger stories looking at trends no one is talking about yet. This role will involve working with reporters on our Creators team, as well as finding compelling freelance voices to tell new stories. You’ll also be working on editing and developing Hot Pod, the newsletter focused on podcasting and the audio industry, and putting together themed story packages to tell bigger narratives beyond the news cycle. The Creators Editor will also need to work across teams to coordinate coverage of major stories that may be best told across multiple desks and formats.

The Creators Editor will work closely with Deputy Editor and regularly interface with The Verge’s news and art and design teams. Responsibilities include:

  • Assigning and editing a mix of short-turnaround and deeper reported stories covering the business of creators
  • Managing a team of reporters and guiding their career development
  • Growing a diverse roster of freelance writers
  • Editing and growing a 3x/week newsletter
  • Developing themed packages with in-house and freelance writers and artists
  • Making Creators coverage a must read for anyone looking to stay informed

Looking for someone who has:

  • A keen sense for assigning and editing insightful reported stories
  • A perceptive view into the online Creator world
  • Impeccable organizational and teamwork skills
  • Experience working across teams to coordinate coverage
  • Knowledge of The Verge’s key coverage areas

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