This Week's Freelance Opportunities for Freelancers Like Me

This Week's Freelance Opportunities for Freelancers Like Me

Kelly Glass (she/her)  @kellygwriter: Coming soon, @parentsmagazine is launching a new sub-brand focused on Black families, and I want some original reporting!

I’m looking for pitches on Black history and the power of Black families that resist the white gaze. Rates start at $250. Here’s how to pitch me. First, give me the working headline in the subject line. Be sure to lead with PITCH and a colon first so your email doesn’t get buried. I love to see how writers are gonna write. Give me a bit of that in the first couple of sentences. Feeling fancy? Write the first couple of sentences as the lede of the piece you’re proposing. Next, what are you going to report on? Make sure it’s also clear here why this story you’re proposing is important. What’s the takeaway? How are you going to tackle the reporting? Link me to a study, tell me what type of sources you have in mind, etc. Now, I got this far, so I want to know about you! Who are you and what have you done before? Give me the receipts! Clips or website/portfolio, please. Send to me at, and thank you for trusting me with your work! 

Eva Mackevic, Comissing Editor at Readers Digest UK wants Health Writers for Articles On Mental Health, Weight Loss and Fitness and/or Specific Health Conditions.

Listicles & how-to guides are very welcome. Send me your best pitches before Xmas #journorequest [via DMs: The rates are $70-$100 for web, $300-$400 for the print mag.] [

Newsweek is seeking a freelance reporter to work with our London bureau. 

You will have detailed knowledge of U.S. news and how to write engaging stories for an American audience. 

You will write breaking news stories, conducting original interviews and obtaining exclusives. 

You will be able to source, pitch and write several stories each day, with a strong understanding of digital journalism and the needs of a fast-paced newsroom. They will also be adept at monitoring social media and Google trends to find and identify stories and topics of interest for a U.S. audience. 

You will be responsible for ensuring high-quality coverage that is accurate, fair, and conforms to accepted standards of journalism.

Freelance work offered on various dates as mutually agreed. As a freelancer, you may be based anywhere in the UK or ROI.


  • Pitch and write several news stories each day
  • Research and write original stories and features 
  • Scour multiple social media for stories and emerging trends
  • Check facts and sources and ensure content is of the highest possible standard


  • Experience in a reporting role for a reputable organization
  • Experience and familiarity covering U.S. news and trends
  • Familiarity of using social media and Google trends to find stories
  • Capable of working to tight deadlines 

Alice C Snape, Acting features director @CosmopolitanUK needs your Pitches For the Career and Money Section.

I'm looking for anything helpful for new year vibes. Maybe you sorted your finances out? Changed career? Spotted a TikTok work trend?

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