There's Work at Conde Nast

There's Work at Conde Nast

Five years ago, I got that email that changed my life; approving a pitch that allowed me to join Condé Nast, as a contributing writer for Vogue Italia's VBlack micro site (home to brands such as Vogue, GQ, Wired, Vanity Fair, Bon Appetit, Allure, Glamour, etc.), in the midst of a revolutionary transformation that I was experiencing as a black journalist working primarily for black publications wanting desperately to show that i could write for a larger platform; a legacy of a premium publishing company was making a progressive move for more inclusive on their digital platform that covered the work of Black People. It was a profound statement.

What still keeps me motivated post the Franca Sozzani-era is beyond the diversity and inclusion space -- it’s the evolution of a company that’s putting readers first.

This includes covering important global social equity, regardless of how difficult a conversation it may be. Just look at how transparent Anna Wintour has been. This has not only led to meaningful growth in our audiences and engagement globally, but it’s also driven growth in consumer revenue streams and an ability to better cater to our industry partners who look to us to tell meaningful stories and continue to build diverse audiences. We have written about so much in the world from our point of view, but we need more help to continue pushing us in this direction.

Condé Nast brands reach hundreds of millions of consumers across the globe on various platforms, and we inform, inspire and delight our consumers through our storytelling and experiences. The Content Creation team is right in the middle of this exciting journey, connecting our readers to rich storytelling.

There are many exciting roles now open the Content Creation Team which offers the opportunity to be part of enriching experiences that can change your life.

    If these experiences sound exciting to you, please check out our open roles by checking off the “Content Creation” box on the career site below:

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