Thinking about 2020 summer Magazine internships?

Thinking about 2020 summer Magazine internships?

Things aren't like they use to be, the internship field in the publishing industry has gotten so much more competitive that having some inside information comes a give you an advantage.

If The Devil Wears Prada is your go-to movie and the pages of Vogue, ELLE, Vanity and Essence Magazine are your fashion bibles, then you’re probably in search of how to bag a life-changing internship at one of the top fashion magazines.

And if you are, you’re in luck!

We know how tricky it can be to break through into the fashion world, which is why we’ve devised this useful guide on how you can get one foot in the door at Vogue with a work placement.


Can you tell your Michael Costellos from your Olivier Rousteings? Do you know who Mario Testino and Annie Leibovitz are? If not, you better get studying and learn all the fashion lingo so you can effortlessly blend in at Condé Nast or Meredith or Hearst.

You also need to determine whether you can really commit yourself to four weeks of unpaid back-breaking, no social life work. Although you can request for a shorter internship, it’s highly advised that you get as much work experience as possible at the iconic magazine.


If you're smart, you'll consider bringing your American skills and talent to an international magazine. It’s also important to note that, from 2013, the unpaid internship program for Vogue USA is no longer in effect. But that shouldn’t dishearten you from contacting the magazine. You could always follow the same process and ask to shadow an employee for a week. Check out internships at and apply. Write a dope cover letter and connect with their beauty editors. You’ll be able to move around departments and you’ll get to learn about all aspects of the magazine’s production from content creation to fashion styling and shooting, and design to even the corporate side of things. This will essentially help you to identify what career path you truly want to follow. Even if it's just for one summer. Believe me, it's worth it.


Hearst - has a slew of internships available this summer

Meredith - has less but one editorial internship at Departures

Essence - hasn't updated their 2020 internship program but here's the link.

Bustle has one NY internship still available


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