This Is Your Chance To Smell Like Rihanna: a Bonafide Billionaire

This Is Your Chance To Smell Like Rihanna: a Bonafide Billionaire

Rihanna's brand Fenty for skincare, makeup, and body care–is breaking into a new category: Fragrance, making Rihanna a bonafide billionaire as reported by Forbes. Her latest launch, which is available to buy on August 10th, will give Rihanna's die-hard fans a chance to finally get a whiff of what this megastar smells like daily as she's now making her the richest female musician in the world.


Created with the help of master perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud from LVMH fame, Rihanna worked hard to make sure this scent was emblematic of herself.

Drawing from scents found in Barbados, France, New York, and California, this perfume mixes spice, fruit, and sweetness that is hard to pin down. With notes of blueberry, rose, patchouli, and tangerine, it's a perfume that is instantly noticeable and powerful–much like the singer herself. Unlike so many scents with high and low notes–also known as top, heart, and base notes–this perfume is all heart that can't be easily categorized. This is all housed in a chic, minimal amber-colored glass bottle that will instantly upgrade any vanity. Fitting perfectly into a palm, it's an easy bottle to throw in a purse for on-the-go spritzes, too.

Plus, you can receive a free sample of the new fragrance with every order over $40 from now until August 8th at using 'FENTY' at checkout.


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