GQ Style does a great piece featuring Stylist Courtney Mays

GQ Style does a great piece featuring Stylist Courtney Mays

What Celeb Stylists Think You Should Wear This Spring

Spring has arrived, which means it’s time to start going out twice as often wearing all your best and breeziest clothes. Here to help you navigate this season’s wildly experimental style waters are...stylists. We asked the ones in charge of dressing today’s leading men, front men, and athletes what they think you should wear as the weather warms up. And, while they’re at it, what trends a man might want to avoid. Their answers stacked up in a surprisingly succinct way. To summarize: a pair of pleated pants, a loud (but soft!) shirt, and something tie-dye are worth trying. And if chunky sneakers and sandals, tight clothes, and logos aren’t your thing, well, maybe that’s for the best? Read their specific advice down below and good luck out there.

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MARKETING | ....that’s one way to do it lol

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“Matching Sets. I love the versatility and the ability to create instant outfits. ‘Let me buy you a short set’—me, in my Beyonce voice. It’s also a great way to play with prints and color.” —Courtney Mays, stylist to Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan

“Matching sets are the BEST! It’s a simple way to look elevated and pulled together without trying too hard. Flip-flops are the worst trend—save it for the beach.” —Sonia Young, stylist to Joe Keery and Colton Haynes 

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