Waist Trainers are Back in Full Demand. Look to Latin America

Waist Trainers are Back in Full Demand. Look to Latin America

The Shapewear industry, in Latin, they are Fajas, is exploding. When we say shapewear, we mean; Body shapers which help in covering the body by enabling a tight smooth, contoured fit. It is also known as shapes wear which helps in developing blood circulation and sufferance of the body, mostly used after surgery but now vanity. It provides a hallucination of toned and slim body figure. With the invention of lighter girdles, shapewear apparels, with elastic which are used as a fashion statement in the modern era.

Hence, manufacturers are able to produce consumer-driven body shapers. In Sept. 2019, popular socialite Kim Kardashian launched a shapewear line – SKIMS - as a range of body shaper products. In Nov. 2018, British brand Heist launched a body shaper - The Outer Body. Spanx in America continues to be the #1 Shapewear in the United States. But Latin America holds a significant market share, and is expected to witness a growth rate more than 5%.


If you want real Fajas, Check out these Latin brands.




 Diane Poitiere Fajas

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